Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Photo - The Sky Tonight

This is what the color pink means:

No Matches Today

Just checked the CCAI website and there were no additional matches this week....probably due to CCAA being closed.


There have been a total of 15 children matched in January. So, since we submitted our MCC they have matched a total of 34 children. There should be another update on that number today. CCAA is closed this week for the Chinese New Year celebration.
We received our appointment for fingerprints yesterday. We will be having our fingerprints done on 02/17/2009, then we wait on our immigration approval. Hoping to have that by March. Then we wait on our match!!!
I received great news this week that one of our friends that is adopting from China as well received a match! I am extremely excited for her!

Father/Daughter Dance

I am finally through with the Father-Daughter Dance and can take a breath. It was a lot of fun to plan and I think everyone had a great time. I am attaching a couple pictures. We had a Sock Hop theme with the cafeteria being transformed into a diner. I think the kids liked the ice cream, pies, and floats. We also had a Jukebox in the cafeteria and a photobooth in the hallway for the kids to take pictures with their friends. The DJ was great in the gym and really got the kids into the 50's music. Everyone got into the mood with 50's attire and pictures taken of the fathers and daughers on a old motorcycle.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

Our first snow day for the winter season. The kids couldn't wait to go out and play. I held them off until 7:45 am and the couldn't stand it any longer. It is very icy with a little snow....and VERY cold.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Matches today!

This is a picture that I took over the weekend. Mason did not want me taking his picture, so he was hiding. I thought the picture came out cute!

There were more matches today in the waiting child program....a total of 13 so far for the month. When we filed our medical check list (MCC) on 12/4/08 we were told there were nearly 200 in front of us. There were a total of 19 matched in December. So, that is 32 down.....168 to go. Files are in order of MCC date and are matched accordingly, however if they receive a child's file and the child does not match the next family in line then they keep going until they find an MCC that matches that child. Therefore, timelines can vary. It is very exciting to see numbers coming in each week though. Not sure how the Chinese New Year will effect numbers this month....remaining hopeful!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I-800A Sent to USCIS

We finnally got all our paperwork together for our I800A and I just mailed it all off to USCIS. It will get there tomorrow morning around 10:00am. Now I can take a breath! Yeah.
Morgan starts guitar lessons today. I pray all will go smoothly. She is the type of child that wants to try everything, but doesn't stick to much of anything. I hope this is something that she really enjoys.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to School

After 2 weeks out of school, the kids go back tomorrow. Praying for no resistance tomorrow morning. Mason always has a hard time going back after he has been home for a break or out sick. Hoping Chick fil a in the morning might help!
I had to request a copy of our original homestudy done in 10/06, as the copy I had, had information cut off at the top. USCIS needs a copy of our original homestudy as well as our update sent along with our I-800A. We hope to receive that by Wednesday. Everything else is ready to go. This will be the final step, until we receive our date to get our fingerprints updated. Then we wait on the immigration approval. After that we won't have any more paperchasing until we get matched.
Next thing on the list is to send out letters so that we can start working on Lily's "100 good wishes quilt". All you family and friends out there, you will here about that soon!
Signing off for now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day!

It's that time again. The beginning of a new year. I pray that this year brings us lots of new beginnings, a closer relationship with God and a new blessing (Lily) into our lives. Our lives have been blessed with great friends, a close knit family and wonderful children. Thanks to all that have blessed our lives this year with your kindness, prayers and support.

We love you all!

I am attaching a few pictures of some memories from this year.

Our Home


Mason's room

Morgan's room

Lily's room



Dining Room

Formal Living Room

Front of our house