Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We have our Log In Date!

Just 2 short days after our dossier was hand delivered to the CCCWA, we have our LID!!!
OFFICIAL LOG IN DATE.....08/26/2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15th Wedding Anniversary in Aruba

Fred and I had an amazing four days in Aruba celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. We arrived around 5:00 on Friday so we went to the hotel, checked in, walked around and checked out the grounds and then went and grabbed some great sushi in town. We spent our first full day shopping and hanging on the beach. We also experienced our first 4.6 earthquake. This is not a common occurrence in Aruba, so we were a little surprised.
That evening Fred had planned for us to have dinner oceanside at our resort to celebrate our special day. We had a quaint little private cabana on the beach just feet from the water. There were flowers on the table especially for me. Next thing I know here comes a photographer to take some pictures of the two of us. So sweet! The surprises didn't stop there...we also had a private guitarist/singer to serenade us while we ate. He was a really sweet man. We ended with dancing to our song from our wedding next to the water. It was fabulous. I have such a wonderful, romantic husband. Thank you Fred, I will never forget our special time.
The next day we decided to rent a jeep and go off road! In order to visit some of the most beautiful and interesting things in Aruba you must take the road less traveled. I am so glad we did. It was such a fun day and we saw so many beautiful things. Here are a few...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Happy 13th Birthday Morgan!

Today we celebrated Morgan turning 13 or you could say we celebrated her becoming a teenager.
I can't believe it! My baby girl is growing up so fast. We started the morning out with our tradition of a birthday cupcake for breakfast...
Followed by opening presents (new bedding for her room)....
Then it was off to school. She had a great day though. Her dad brought her lunch and a friend brought in cupcakes for her. Then we finished off the night with dinner with family at Razzoo's so she could get her fried pickles!
And of course Lily and Grace had to get in on the action...
I would say it has been a GREAT day!
Happy Birthday Morgan! You are such a special girl. We love you.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DTC - August 19

I am so excited to annouce that we are DTC...that means Dossier To China. Yes, our dossier has been through critical review and has been translated and sent on its way to China. I big milestone! Wahoo.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Saved the Best for Last

So why is it that when you plan and prepare to take pictures they don't turn out as good as when you do impromptu pictures?!?!? These were not planned, but they turned out the best! So, next time I go have pictures taken, I am taking my nephew Christian with me to get him to have her laugh like this again. I don't know what he was doing behind me....I just told him to keep doing it! Every time I look at them I can't help but SMILE!

Reunion with the Adcox Family

It has been a wonderful 3 days at Myrtle Beach catching up with the Adcox Family ( The Adcox's were one of the families that was in our travel group to China to bring Lily home. They were spending their vacation this year in Myrtle Beach, S.C. and since it is only a 3.5 hour drive for us, my sister and I joined them down there for some fun time together. It is really amazing the type of bond that you make with families that are in your travel least for us it was that way. After 18 days with families that you have never met before, you feel like you have known them forever. There is just a strange sort of comfort, trust and love that you feel. I hope that these kids can stay in touch for a very long time to come. Here are some of my favorites from the weekend.
Last night at the amuzement park - Lily & Grace on the Pirate Ship

Lily & Grace on the boats

Lily & Grace on the Whale

All of our kids..Waites, Fishers and Adcoxs

Amy, Lily, Grace, Natalie


Lily & Grace - cracks me up!

Amy & Morgan

Lily & Noah (China buddies)

Amy & Lily

Natalie & Morgan

Grace, Noah, Amy and Lily

Christian & Morgan

Monday, August 8, 2011

Much Needed Pedicure

Morgan and Mason both arrived home safely on Saturday. They were both exhausted from the week and spent most of the day vegging out. I spent the day catching up with them on their week and washing all of their really nasty, dirty clothes. I ran each load of laundry on the "deep steam" cycle! Glad that is done. The two nights after I talked with Morgan on the phone were better. She said she would get sad at night, but she didn't cry anymore. And.....she was GLAD she stayed. Yeah!!! Mason had a great time with his cousin, Logan. He did say he cried one time when he read my letter. sweet. That young man has a HUGE heart.
So, what does a girl do after a week of camp? She has mom give her a pedicure! Take a look at these cute little toes....

Morgan and Mason go back to school tomorrow. I don't think I am ready to get up at 6:00 am...uggg. This year should be better on Lily and I though. Last year I drove them to and from school, which was hard on us both. The school is 30 minutes away, so by the time I take them, drop them off, and head home we have been in the car for over an hour. In the afternoon, it is longer because of the carpool line picking up. Some days I would have to wake Lily up from her nap to go get the kids from school. So, this year they are riding the least temporarily until we can sell our house and move closer to the school. The closest bus stop is about 10-15 minutes away. We will leave a little earlier in the morning and they will get home later in the afternoon....but I think it will be worth the sacrifice short term. I am praying for a smooth start back tomorrow!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Life at the Waite's

After a week at camp, the kids are on their way home. Fred went to pick them up this morning and they should be arriving any time now. Morgan had a rough few nights missing home, so I am very excited to see her when she gets home. Mason seemed to do fine and have a great time. Even though it was tough listening to Morgan upset on the phone and wanting to come home we decided to have her stick it out and stay. I think we made the right decision. It will benefit her in the long run.
Miles update - There has only been one referral accepted since we were put on the wait list and it was for a girl, so we stay at #12. I am hopeful that there will be some referrals accepted in the near future and we will be able to move up in the line. I spoke to our agency this week and she said that they have to wait until they receive all the child's information in before making a referral(this information trickles in). They expect to be making some referrals in the near future, and they seem to come in batches. That means that they will have a lot of referrals for a few weeks and then "nothing" for a few weeks.
Liam update - All dossier documents have been certified and have now been sent off to be authenticated. I should have the documents back by Thursday and our agency should get them by Friday of next week. I am so ready for all our documents to be done and sent to China! Still looking at probably January for travel. Here is a picture I received of him today & they referred to him as the "wild man". Uh-oh....

Home - as some of you know we placed our house up for sale last year and with this economy and the price bracket we fall in, there have been very little home showings. This week we have had two showings, so I am hopeful that this is a turnaround in the market for our area. Our home is plenty big enough for our family, however the way it is set up is not conducive for our growing family without making some major adjustments. Plus, we want to be closer to the kids school. With that being said, please pray for our house to sell before the arrival of our two little boys! Here is a picture of our house, if you know of anyone moving to our area, please pass it along.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pictures of Morgan and Mason at Camp Tekoa - 2 firsts for Lily -And a house showing

It was nice to see my kids faces today and..... they look happy!

We had a showing on our house today. The first in a while, so I had to get Lily out of the house for a bit. I had the house all ready for a 11:00 am showing and we were getting ready to walk out the door and I get a call rescheduling it for 2:00 pm, so we left anyway and went to see a movie. The last movie I took Lily to see she made it about 1/2 way through and was done. I looked at what was showing and the shortest movie was Winnie the Pooh at 1 hour and 10 minutes long. Lily did great! After the movie we shopped, got lunch and then Lily had her first carousel ride! She LOVED it and was very upset when we had to get off, so I let her ride one more time. The expression on her face does not even come close to showing her excitement. I think every picture I took came out blurry, so this was the best shot of all.