Thursday, December 30, 2010

6 Months Home

It is amazing what can happen in your life in 6 months. For us we were able to prepare for what was going to happen to our life to some degree, but for Lily she had no idea how her life was about to change. She is an amazing little girl with amazing siblings who love her beyond words and two parents who adore her. She has blessed our lives with her unique personality and loving heart. She has grown 2 inches and gained 4 pounds. She has gone through a major surgery and has completely healed. She has changed in so many ways and I have enjoyed seeing her blossom and I look forward to seeing her continue to change, grow and become all she can be.
Take a look at her picture when we first brought her home and now. It still surprises me.

Christmas Afternoon With Extended Family

After a morning with our family we went to my parents for time with Dawn and her family and Crystal and her family. The cousins and uncle and aunts come over later for dinner. It is a big group with us all in a little space, but I wouldn't have it any othe way. I love being around my family!

What a Wonderful Life

It was truly a wonderful Christmas for the Waite family this year. We are so blessed in so many ways and what a better time to celebrate but on the day of Christ's birth. He is the reason for everything in this life and we have been so blessed by what He has done for us. Lily was a little overwhelmed by it all and just wanted to play, so she did...with each item as she opened it.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, but 4 Bows for my Princess

Lily had fun with her bows tonight. She is too much!

Surgeon Follow-up

We followed up with Lily's surgeon this week. She is 6 weeks post op and everything has healed well. She will follow up with him again in 6 months, but for now everything looks great and there have been NO complications. He would like for her to begin speech therapy, so we will try to get an evaluation done after Christmas. We had our 6 month post adoption home study done on Wednesday. Everything went well and it was good to see our social worker again. It must be such a rewarding job to see families that have waited so long to finally bring home their precious children. She has been with us from the very beginning. She couldn't believe how long it had been. We first met her back in October of 2006. She remembered how little Mason was...Mason was 4 years old and Morgan was 8. Now Mason is 8 and Morgan is 12. So weird. Who knew it would take so long, but I would wait all over again for our sweet Lily. She is the perfect fit for our family. She brings something to our family that was missing. Every family needs at least one child that....
climbs it if it can be climbed
opens it if it can be opened
explores it if it can be explored
touches it if it can be touched
dumps it if it can be dumped
She knows only one speed and that is running. She loves to dance, loves to laugh, loves shoes, loves the remote control, loves to ride/sit on the dog, loves to be silly, loves her brother and sister beyond words. We love you Lily so much and the special "you" that you bring to our family.