Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Playing catch up

Morgan and Mason had their annual checkups a couple weeks ago.  I am just now getting around to writing about it.  Everything was good and my kids probably haven't seen their doctors since their last annual visit (thank goodness). 
Morgan comes in at a whopping 4', 9 1/4 " and weighing 81lbs.  She is still not even in the 1% for height, poor thing, but she did grow 4" over the last year so that was wonderful.  We are hopeful that she will have another growth spurt like that.  Being short is a struggle, but it is just part of how God created her and I am 110% ok with that.  I just hope one day she will be too...

Mason comes in at 4', 5 1/2" and 77.5 lbs.  He still ranks in the 25% for height.  He is not far behind his sister with 3.5 years between them.  He grew 3.5" this past year which was wonderful as well.  I really need to get him out and get some pictures of him.

We hosted our first exchange student from China 8 years ago when Morgan was in Kindergarten.  Well, she is now 23 years old and going to school in New York.  She came to visit us over Labor Day weekend.  She is an amazing girl.  She is strong, independent, caring and a pleasure to be around.  I pray that she will follow her dreams and live the life God has set before her to the fullest.

                                                                         Making Pizza!

                                                                Watching Morgan ride.....

We had another visitor as well over the weekend.  Our friends The Leonards were traveling through NC on their way home and stopped by my sisters house.  When my sister and I traveled to China in 2010 to bring our daughters home the Leonards were in our travel group bringing home their little boy Benjamin. Then in 2011 they were in my sister's travel group once again when they brought home another little boy Alex.  An amazing family with 4 amazing children adopted from China. 

                                                      The Men - Fred, Keith & Guy

The Kids - Liam, Grace, Benjamin, Anabelle, Francesca, Olivia, Lily & Alex

                                                      The Ladies - Kelly, Shelly & Dawn

And last but not least, Fred and I celebrated our 16th Wedding Anniversary on Friday night.  We went out to dinner and then stayed uptown at the Ritz for the evening.  We had an amazing time catching up with each other!  I have the most amazing husband in the world.  Thank you Fred, for 16 wonderful years.

Surgery update:  Liam will have his next surgery on October 15th.  Still waiting to hear on Lily's surgery.  It has been over 3 weeks and no surgery scheduled yet.  I had to call and, lets say, LET THEM HAVE IT yesterday.  Not one of my finer moments, but necessary. 
                                                Have a Happy Tuesday!!!