Friday, September 10, 2010

What a week!

Sunday evening began our 2 weeks and 5 days without Fred home. Unfortunately he has business in London, England and will miss him terribly. The week went well. My only complaint is Lily's sleep patterns, or lack there of. No rhyme or reason as to why she sleeps some nights and doesn't other nights. All I know is that I could use a good 8 hours straight.
Dawn and I headed down to the social security office today after our morning walk with the girls. Glad we were together, as the girls entertained each other and everyone else in the office while we waited. Since Grace and Lily's ss cards never came we had to go down to the local ss office and reapply. Here is a picture of the girls applying for their cards....

Yesterday I decided it was time for Lily to have some outside toys. The weather has been beautiful and the only thing she had to play on outside was Mason's green machine. So, I went and bought her a cozy coupe car. It about kicked my butt putting it together but I conquered the assembly process and she is now proud owner of her own car. She loves it, as you can see.
From there we came inside and she decided she would go in the dog's crate and hang out with Lucy for awhile. She has never done this before. So funny...
Still waiting to hear back from the surgeon's office on the scheduling of Lily's surgery. Hopefully we will hear back by the end of next week. I am sooooooo not looking forward to this!