Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Portraits....

Doctors & Portraits...don't seem to go together?!?

Well after 10 days of antibiotics, Lily's ear infection had not cleared up. So, yesterday after a morning at the Lazy 5 Ranch to celebrate Grace's 2nd birthday, we headed back to the doctor. Now she has an infection in both ears and to top that off as the doctor began to look in the previous ear that was infected, which now had pus coming out, her eardrum ruptured. Oh yes, blood came flowing out of her ear and she was screaming her lungs out. Poor baby.... They decided to give her a shot of antibiotics since she was non responsive to the last go round and I am assuming because of the extent of the ear infection. We went back in today for her second shot. I sure hope this clears her ears up this time! And oh yeah, the ulcer that the PA said she had on the last visit was not an ulcer at all but what I suspected in the first place....Lily's first molar finally popped through.
This morning Dawn and I went and had pictures of the girls taken together. Needless to say that is a task in itself. A two year old and a 16 month old (with a ruptured ear drum) that want to play with everything in the room and not sit for a picture. However, the photographer managed to get some pictures. Here are some of my favs...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Day, Another Doctor....

The kids first week back at school went great. They are meeting new friends and getting into a new routine. Lily had her eye appointment on Friday. It was brutal, but all checked out fine. The original diagnosis of her eye lashes turning in (I won't bother with the correct medial term) was not even an issue. The doctor did not see where they did that at all. This was a condition listed in her file when we received it from our agency. We ended up at her pediatrician the same day because she had clawed the inside of her ear up pretty bad. Of course, another ear infection! What to do.... she is back on antibiotics for 10 days. She also has a ulcer on her gum and an alergic reaction around her mouth from the impression that was done at the orthodontist. She such a trooper though and I am so honored that God has trusted us with her. I am proud to call her my daughter.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Pictures

More Pictures

Back to a Normal Routine!

Finally we can get back to some type of "normal" routine. The kids went back to school this week and all has been good. With a crazy summer, a new sister, a new school we needed to get back to some type of normal. The kids have transitioned well this week with school and I only pray that things stay that way. Other than some issues with the uniform not being comfortable for Morgan, I have to say things could not be better with this transition. The kids have been very supportive and just love their little sister. I am so proud to have two children who can adapt and have a heart for orphaned children like we do and accept a sister into their family with open arms and hearts. It is just amazing what God can do in our lives if we offer up our lives and our hearts to Him.
As for Lily, she is doing so well. She is such a joy to be around. Nap time has been a little crazy trying to figure out what is going to work best for us. She is still waking up at night but it doesn't seem to effect her mood during the day. I just pray that she starts to sleep through soon for my sake! We had her orthodontist appointment this week and they took a impression of the top of her mouth. He will review this and get back to me and Dr. Matthews, her surgeon in a couple weeks. So, hopefully by the time I go back to Dr. Matthews on the 31st he will have a plan in place for her. We have an eye appointment on Friday and she will see the ENT on next Wednesday. So many doctors appointments!!!!
On a positive note, all Lily's blood work came back normal. She has also built up antibodies to the vaccines that she received in China so none of those will have to be repeated. Yeah!!!
I am including some pictures of our trip to Daufuskie. It was a great time! I am so glad that I have my sister to walk through this journey with....who gets me, who understands the struggles, who can pray with me and can walk out this life with me. Thank you Dawn.
Also, thank you to my loving husband who I could not do this with out. You give me the support I need to get through the days that are so hard. You love me through all the ugly and at the end of the day I know you will always be there for me to lean on. You are an amazing husband and father. You love our children in a way that they so need from a father and it takes my breath away. They are able to see God's love through you. So, thank you for all you do every single day! I love you!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Surgeon Appointment Update

After a 2 hour wait in the surgeon's office we found out that Lily has a 3rd degree cleft palate (which is the worst) which extends through her gumline. The next course of action is to see the orthodontist and see how he wants to repair the gumline before repairing the palate. Our surgeon has had more success when the gumline is corrected first. So, I will call the orthodontist on Monday and set up that appoitment. Lily is still young, so the palate surgery should still be on target for when he likes to do them. The gumline will have to heal for 2-3 months before he can go in and repair the palate.
Still waiting to hear on her ENT appointment,eye appointment and results of the blood work that was taken and stool samples.
We are at Daufuskie now with Dawn and the kids. We arrived last night. Fun, fun, fun.....