Thursday, July 26, 2012

Liam's Surgery

We arrived at the hospital yesterday morning at 9:00 am for Liam's surgery.  Going in, we weren't sure whether the doctor was going to be able to do a pull through which would require one surgery or a colostomy which would require two - one now and one approximately 8 weeks later.  Liam was diagnosed with Hirschsprungs disease and in order to correct this birth defect he would require surgery.  His prognosis is good and should be able to live he rest of his life symptom free.  Liam did really well in pre-op playing with the doctor stuff they gave him and his new monkey stuffed animal!

As time went on and it got closer to 11:00 am he began to get a little sleepy.  After fasting for 2 days on clear liquids and Miralax every hour, I am sure he had very little energy.  It was really quite sweet how he just cuddled up on my lap and just snuggled.  Then the time came for some meds to get him ready to go back without crying...

Around 11:30 they took him back and within an hour we found out that he was going to need the colostomy.  I have to admit that I was disappointed and was really praying for one surgery, but I know that this is what was in his best interest.  His colon had just been stretched out too much and was too large to do it in one surgery.  The surgery took about 3 hours and we were sent back to the recovery room and waited for him to wake up.

When he woke up he was in pain so he was given a couple doses of Morphine while we waited for our room.  He slept on and off all afternoon.  The two IVs that he had were bothering him (to say the least) when they would try to run anything through them.  So, the nurses took the out and attempted to find another place to put the IV.  After 3 unsuccessful attempts and 45 minutes of my little guy screaming, we decided to stop for a while and reevaluate.  Upon talking with the doctor the nurse came back in and said they would have to try again around 11:00 that night.  I was very irritated and just wanted him to not have to go through this again, but knew it was what he needed.  So after 2 attempts the nurse made a successful IV in his foot.  We were able to get IV fluids going at that point and were able to call it a night....if you can ever really do that in the hospital.  Liam was very peaceful through the night, sleeping off and on as the nurses would come in and check on him. 

Today the doctor came in around 6:00 am and checked Liam out and said he could start solid foods.  Liam could not wait to eat!  Once he started, there was no stopping this boy.  He ate 2 pancakes, 2 bowls of eggs, graham crackers, peanut butter crackers and teddy grahams.  Needless to say when his lunch came he wasn't hungry.  Our surgeon's nurse came in around 10 to see Liam and let us know that he could go home today.  That was great news!!!  Then the ostomy nurse came in around 11:00 and changed Liam's colostomy bag and showed me how to do everything once we were home.  Seems pretty simple to keep up with.  We left the hospital around 1:30 with no restrictions on activity or food. 

We are home now and Liam is doing great!  He has not had any pain meds since this morning and has not complained once about pain.  God is GOOD!!!!  Praying he does well tonight and gets a good nights sleep.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Last week Morgan attended horse camp.  She was excited to actually attend the camp this time rather than helping out with camp.  Her week began on Sunday at 1:00 and ended on Saturday at 3:00.  It was a long week, but she had a great time.  They ended the week with a little horse show.  It is just amazing to see how far Morgan has come in the last two years.  I have seen the most growth in her since her teacher brought a new pony to the barn for the students to ride.  Her name is Mia and she is very young and still a little "green", but Morgan has loved her since the first time she set eyes on her.  These two have a special bond.  Since she started riding her she has stepped out in so many ways and done things she would have never tried before.  I am so proud of her and love watching her confidence grow with each encounter with Mia.  No wonder she received the "Brave Rider" award at camp this week!  Way to go Morgan.

Last week Mason attended Lego camp for his second year.  He always has such a good time, especially since he gets to hang out with his BFF all week!  Here are some pictures from his week.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Look who got a haircut....

And a big one at that.  I was ready for a change from the hair that would look great when I fixed it but by the end of the day was hanging straight in his face.

 So, after some convincing on my part, my husband brought out the clippers and we began. The first cut took my breath away and then wouldn't you know it the clippers broke....GASP!
I promised Liam he could go swimming after his haircut, so we stopped what we were doing and swam.  And guess who finally left the ledge of the pool????  You guessed it, Liam.  Check him out.....

And from leaving the edge to jumping.....

I couldn't believe it...I took in every moment and praised him with all I had in me!

After swimming and dinner we headed out for frozen yogurt and new clippers at Target.  Yes, we had to take him in there with a crazy lookin haircut.  We arrived back home and began the process again.  This time with more success.  Honestly, I did panic about 1/2 way through...

Look at all that hair!!!  In the end, I think he looks just fabulous!!!!  I am loving being able to see that adorable face in full, uninhibited view.

And BTW, I have another ambitious little swimmer in the house.  She is swimming face down and in full force.

However she is a little more cautious on the jumping...

Happy Friday the 13th to everyone!


I feel like it has been forever since I blogged. In the blog world two weeks seems like forever for some reason. We spent 9 days on Daufuskie Island, our home away from home. We had a great time just being a family with no responsibilities to distract us. Here are some pictures from our trip...

We had a couple extras with us during our trip...Logan my nephew and Ally, Morgan's friend.  I have to admit it is easier with more sometimes!