Friday, November 19, 2010

Follow up with ENT today...

Lily went for her follow up appointment with the ENT today. She had a big chunk of dried blood in her right ear, so that had to come out. Poor baby doesn't like when someone holds her down very still while a doctor probes in her ear and pulls something out. She is a trooper. She has been through a lot more in her first 18 months than some will ever go through in their entire lives. From there we went over for her hearing test. She passed!! So the ears are clear and hearing is good. We will follow up with him in 6 months.
Her sleeping is getting better. Some nights she only gets up once and other nights she is up several times. No rhyme or reason as to why that I have noticed.
Morgan started horse back riding lessons at the beginning of the month. She is really enjoying it. I hope this is something that she will stick with.
Mason had Harvest Day at school today which I had the privilege of helping out with. It was fun and I was able to meet the kids in his class finally. Starting a new school is always hard for both the parents and the kids. They both have adjusted wonderfully and are really enjoying their new school. I feel a little disconnected, coming from a school we had been at for 6 years. I knew all the kids and teachers and it felt like a second home. I do miss that, but I know that it will come in time. I am not able to be as involved with Lily being so young right now, but I try to be there when I can. I like to know what is going on....always have.
Lily is still going to Kindermusik and Gymnastics. We are enjoying that together along with her cousin Grace. We are so blessed to live so close to each other. Lily and Grace act more like sisters than cousins for sure. They love each other, but can also fight a good fight. Sometimes we have to step in, but mostly we sit back and laugh (Dawn and I). They are too funny. Such different personalities. Grace is just like Dawn and Lily is so much like me. We are going to have so much fun watching them grow up together.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween & Dr. Update

Pretty uneventful Halloween for Lily this year. After a short ride in the wagon she fell fast asleep. Wouldn't have been much fun for her anyway this year, as she wouldn't have been able to eat anything she got. Probably best that she feel asleep so she didn't have to deal with the frustration of candy she couldn't eat. I have attached some pictures.
We went to see the surgeon today to follow up on Lily's surgery. Everything looks great. Soft foods for another 3 weeks and she will go back to the surgeon the first week in December. As for sleeping, he said that sometimes they can wake up scared after the anesthesia. There is a technique that he can do in the office on her if her sleeping doesn't improve. It basically resets the brain. The procedure takes about an hour, so we will opt out for now, as I think it would be pure torture for her to sit there for an hour in the doctors office while they do it. Hopefully she will turn a corner soon!