Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Little Waites

I love taking pictures - capturing precious moments in time, but lately time has been the hindrance.  So, this morning I took the littles outside a grabbed a few pictures....

Silly Faces

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Beach

This beach trip will probably go down in the history books of maybe just one of the most "eventful" trips to Daufuskie yet.  It all started before we even left for the beach.  Fred went to the doctor the day before we left for a sore throat and was placed on antibiotics.  Needless to say a sore throat is one of the most annoying ways to be sick.  Much snoring goes on and not much sleep on my part due to the snoring.  But anyway, when we arrived at our condo the AC was out.  We had a technician come by and look at it and said we needed the whole unit replaced at a whopping $9,000....gulp!  Fred was on his computer and the telephone for at least 3 days trying to find someone who would do it cheaper or who would even be able to come out while we were there.  Needless to say, being on an island does not come in handy sometimes.  No one would be able to come out while we were going to be there.  So, the decision was - sweat it out or leave.  We chose to sweat it out.  Truly it wasn't that bad unless you tried to dry your hair or make yourself look 1/2 way decent. 
On top of the sore throat (that wasn't going away), Fred put is back out.  I mean like walking completely crooked and in a lot of pain.  Really - on a island, a husband with a sore throat and his back out and no AC!!!!  Come on, really.  We hung in there for 6 days and then we caved.  2 more days of rain in the forecast and we were going home! 
All in all we had a good time.  The kids never complained about the heat and had a great time on the beach each day.  And who wouldn't rather be at the beach anyway.....

At last but not least, this picture is priceless.  It was the first time he had seen the that face!
Next trip on the agenda - Honduras bound on a mission trip with my hubby!!!  I can't wait......