Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Photo Shoots

Morgan has been busy with her new camera....


  1. Hi Kelly (and Morgan!)
    I am a mom of 7 children, 2 biological daughters and four girls and one boy from China, and a professional photographer.
    These are nice pictures and Morgan definitely has a photographer's eye and has great potential.
    Would you be alright if I left a few suggestions and a little bit of (nice) constructive criticism in a comment? And also, may I ask what type of camera Morgan got?
    Thanks in advanced!!!
    God Bless
    Amy Miller

    1. Sure. She just has the Cannon powershot. Good beginner camera.

  2. Thank you!!
    I have heard very good things about the Canon powershoot. Because it is not a DSLR,she is limited (which partially means that its really, really hard to get that "blurry background") to not being able to switch out the lens. BUT you can still get some great images with a point-and-shoot! And as far as point-and-shoots go, hers is VERY nice. She should definitely take some classes and start using "M" mode and changing her own settings (ISO, aperture value, and shutter speed) instead of using auto, because you really can't get fabulous pictures on auto. From what I've heard, the best places for beginner photography classes are at Ordinary Miracles & the Crazy Nine ( and the Long Road to China ( Nancy @ ordinary Miracles will be offering her beginner class in Feb. again, and I would really encourage Morgan to consider taking it.
    Another thing that she should do is turn off the flash and only shoot in natural light. Opening all the doors and windows really makes a huge difference if she's indoors.
    I love the pictures she took! She definitely has a photographer's eye and thinks like one! I know this because I can see that she followed many composition rules. I can honestly see her going far with photography someday!

    God Bless,

    PS if you have any questions please do ask!